i've gone to look for america.

It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw.

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our (are) accent video. my first ever time posting my voice on tumblr and i’ve had this blog since 1.19.2009. please tell us we have accents! like, obviously we don’t think we do, but we know we definitely pronounce words wrong/differently and let us know how you guys pronounce the words we talked about! (and don’t mind that ad playing in the background. & when we watch this on here, the voice doesn’t match up with the picture. so…)

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    oh myyyyy. here’s to trying something new!
  2. theswain said: I can’t really tell. Maybe I’ve lived here for too long, or maybe northeastern accents aren’t crazy different enough for me to notice.
  3. mrsmediocre said: OMG. You guys have the best accents :)) <3
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