i've gone to look for america.

It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw.

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a while ago brittany posted about products, i think it was mainly cosmetic/personal care, that don’t test on animals (see the list here) and i vowed that everything i was using from then on would be cruelty-free products. well, i’ve been slowly making purchases since she educated me on the subject and maura and i just accomplished the list tonight- i could not be more excited! it has been like a fun scavenger hunt replacing all my daily products with ones that don’t test on animals. but i was happily surprised to learn that a lot of the items i was already using are peta approved! such as my coverup & lipstick- revlon; my bodywash/our soap- bath/body works; and my loose powder- bare escentuals. my favorite new product from revlon is their photo ready makeup. it works amazingly. & i just got say yes to carrots exfoliating kit! good day.

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  1. itsybitty said: So funny that you posted this! I’m actually working on a similar post to my old one on my Blogger as well! I haven’t tried this makeup, i’m going to need to try it out!
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