i've gone to look for america.

It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw.

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In response to anon, our engagement “story”: Well, we definitely talked about getting married for a least a year or so before he asked. Hayes proposed in May 2009, and he told me he asked my dad for permission that February (my dad told him there was no need for him to ask cos he knew we would take care of each other, but he respected him for doing so!) & he waited so long cos he couldn’t think of a good time/place. I was graduating from UNH on May 23, so we had to be in Durham on the 22 for graduation rehearsal. In Durham there is this public park that used to be a farm- Wagon Hill, named for the old wagon that sits on top of the hill! I always wanted to visit it, and we had time to spare, so Hayes took me up there. It was super windy, but awesome. I was like, take a photo of me next to the wagon! So, being a nice guy, not annoyed by me, he obliged. Then he pulled out a box & was like, “So, do you wanna do this?” Yes, he actually said that, but it was prefect cos that’s just the way he is. The next day we told everyone and I graduated from UNH! 2009 was a good month, a good year.

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  1. hichristina said: ah! love this!!!! and though i’ve only met him twice, i can totally picture him saying that hahah
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