i've gone to look for america.

It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw.

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oh hey, all this was happening at this time 4 years ago today. getting ready for the big moment at 2pm!

we got ready at my aunts house since our wedding was at my parents house, and there was too much going on that day for me to relax there..so i had forgot to bring over my purple nailpolish and my toenail chipped its polish! luckily, britt randomly happened to have a mini purple sharpie in her purse that matched the color of my polish, and she fixed me right up! <3

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details from this hour, four years ago.

including the bouquet i never wanted but my mum insisted- i didn’t care about flowers, thought they were a waste of money, i’d rather just have carried pretty weeds picked from the side of the road! but mum was insistent, so these turned out pretty nice i guess!

  • & my 60% off wedding dress.
  • & our wedding bands, $20 each from etsy. (my engagement ring was a 2009 black friday special- i rubbed off my saving ways on hayes!)
  • &..my vera wang shoes, $13 from kohls.
  • & the 200 invites i got from a yard sale for $2
  • & the locket necklaces i made for each bridesmaid, $1/each

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There was an actor named Lee Marvin. In 1965 he won an Oscar for best actor in the film Cat Ballou. Before he was in movies, he served in the Marine Corps, during World War II, in the 4th Marine Division. He fought on the pacific islands, specifically the battle of Saipan in which he was shot by machine guns- he received the Purple Heart, among other awards. During that battle, he almost lost his life. In fact the majority of his unit ended up dying, but guess what? Aside from that bullet, he was saved. He was saved by my grandfather, his captain, the captain of “I” Company, 24th Marines, 4th Marine Division. 

Because of that, he was forever grateful to my grandfather. He always sent my family christmas gifts, cards on every holiday, had them down to visit in arizona at least once a year until he died of a heart attack in 1987 (the same way my granddad died). 

His wife still keeps in touch with my grandmother, who lives across the street from my parents now; and still visits from time to time. So, I may have not be able to remember meeting Lee Marvin, but the stories his wife Pam tells are ones for the books. A while back she wrote a memoir about her time spent with him, I haven’t read it yet, but I’m excited to put some different context to the people that valued my grandfather so much.

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so, we had our annual photoshoot tonight at the same place we got married four years ago tomorrow..the old stairs are a little overgrown now!

we were both supposed to take work off tomorrow and get our photos done by photocait, but hayes needs to work for his soon-to-give-birth coworker, so we made due with a tripod and self timer..these are mostly fun outtakes! like, all except two..

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