i've gone to look for america.

It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw.

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so, for labor day weekend, we’re camping at salisbury beach state park. this place is only 20mins from us, but we’ve never been here before, & i’ve only been to the boardwalk area once in my life. the only reason we chose to camp here was because of these views- this is the only campground on the ocean in new england that isn’t way up on the rocky shores of maine- which we’ve already done before; or that one place in RI that’s in a bay. this place is actual beach camping & in a state park no less, which we LOVE! anyway, the reason i’ve only been to this area once is because, let’s be honest, it’s trashy. it’s like hampton beach in new hampshire, we just don’t go there. this campground also has sites literally right on top of each other, which we would otherwise hate, but again- those views!

so this will be an experience for sure, we’re just hoping the views & close proximity to the ocean will persuade us to stay here for the entire long weekend!

the photos are from today, we had work in the area so we thought we’d take a look at what we got ourselves into. the one with maura is the actual campsite we booked- it’s right next to the road to the boat launch & has a tree on site that will be great for drying our towels. with a view of plum island across the inlet.

see ya!

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my mums shop is complete- it’s been finished for a while now, but they just got done with the landscaping. When the foundation was being dug for it, we excavated all of those granite stones! Can you believe that? Their property used to be a farm beginning in the late 1800’s and those stones were the foundation to the barn. I love history!

For a base soil, they just asked the landscaper to put down the cheapest/eco friendly soil. That just so happened to come from a local farmer in town. They said it had a mix of everything in it, so you never know what might grow- well they now have cucumber plants! & tomato plants- all of which just started to grow on their own. So cool! But now I can’t pawn all of our cukes off on them, cos they’ll have a bunch of their own!

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8.19.14 We boarded the California Zephyr train from Omaha to SLC at 11:05pm. We had a 45minute stop in Denver at 7am, so we slept the first leg of the journey..but I did wake up for sunrise on the plains of Nebraska! The top photos are of maura demonstrating the room/hallway.

Originally, we booked a single roomette- it comes with 2 oversize seats that fold down into bunkbeds. But when we boarded the train, there was a room open across the hall, and our train attendant asked if we each wanted our own room, for no extra charge, no strings attached. I was like, shut the fuck up- I didn’t believe him- his name was Paul & he was the absolute sweetest person, if anyone is traveling via train from Chicago-San Fran, book your room with Paul! He said no one else was scheduled for that room until SLC and since that’s where we were getting off, it was all ours. It was freaking awesome! Now we had a view from both sides of the train- we hopped back & fourth from each others rooms.

AND!! Look how pretty the Denver train station is! It’s only been open for a month after crazy renovations- this place was in ruins. I can’t get over how beautiful it is..that bar! there’s a swanky hotel on the top floors too. We ran in here to find a postcard for our mum- luckily there was newspaper stand in there that also sold stamps, and we just dropped it off at the front desk of the hotel for them to mail. 

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